Austin, Texas Real Estate Services Geared Toward Seniors

Our goal is to assist seniors and their families when they begin the process of thinking about selling the family home. We strive to make people feel at ease and simplify what might be an overwhelming experience. Our motivating factor is our desire to incorporate consideration and kindness into our services.

Senior Real Estate Services

We are available to assist you:

  • Establish a fair market value for your property
  • Represent your property with premier marketing services
  • Contact each agent who shows your property to determine how to best get a motivated buyer
  • Assist you with all the details of selling your home throughout the entire selling process
  • Provide suggestions in preparing your home to present to potential buyers
  • Offer helpful advice in the decision-making process of downsizing and relocating
  • Provide information regarding service companies that might assist in the moving process (i.e. movers, estate sale specialists, cleaning companies, etc.)

I'm Looking to Start a New Chapter in my Life. What Should I be Doing?

To begin, you must determine what your needs are. This would include such things as:

  • Have you just retired?
  • Are you divorced or widowed?
  • Do you currently own a home?
  • Do you want to sell the home?
  • What type of new living situation are you considering?
  • Do you have children?
  • Are you active?
  • Do you require any medical attention?

What Issues Should I be Most Concerned With?

There are many. A partial list includes:

  • Health
    Be aware of your overall health, your problem areas, and your future risks. Take all necessary precautions, including physical and mental workout as well as diet. Secure a good physician and hospital that you trust with your personal health. Your physician will evaluate your diet and exercise needs as well as other influences on your health. It is never too late to begin an exercise program or to give up bad habits. Working with your trusted specialists can add years of active living.
  • Finance - Do what you can to become educated on all matters concerning your finances. Some things to consider include:
    • Current assets
    • Future assets
    • Benefits
  • Various insurance coverages.
    You cannot rely on Medicare to cover all payments, despite the revisions made in the area of health care coverage. The cost of nursing homes, long term care, assisted living or private nursing care must be considered and planned for. Opportunities available through retirement plans, insurance riders, and state programs should be obtained and studied with a trusted financial advisor.
  • Legal issues
    These should be attended to when you are of sound mind and in full control of your possessions. Protecting your personal property and finances is imperative so that they are available for your care when needed. When you are not competent due to ill health, you may not be able to initiate the legal documents necessary to allow a friend or family member to handle your affairs. Now is the time to explore who will have your power of attorney to execute decisions on your behalf when you are incapable of doing so. You should also consider the implications of a living will.
  • Housing
    Determine what housing alternatives would be acceptable and available to you should your independence be threatened by illness, disability, or loss of income. Visit locations in your community and make your plans known to your family. Safety, security, cost of upkeep, accessibility, types of residents who share the facility, and even geographic location are important considerations. Assuming that someone else will make a decision to your liking when the time comes is unfair to that "someone", and risky to your future peace of mind. Being informed about deposits, waiting lists, nursing standards and eligibility requirements will lead to a good feeling of control over difficult decisions.
  • Activities and Lifestyle
    As studies have shown, one of the secrets to longevity and health is a peace of mind found through renewed or continued interest in the world and its activities. Whatever your passions or hobbies, seek out furthering your education, get involved in artistic endeavors, correspond with a pen pal, or start a new business.
  • Support Systems
    This is a general term for surrounding yourself with friends, relatives, and resource persons that will serve to inspire you, keep you vital, entertain you, and who will be available when help is needed. This is an area often neglected by seniors, especially after the passing of a spouse. Making plans for your future in later years deserves the same attention, excitement and positive outlook you gave to choosing a college, planning for children, and your career. A safety net of information about health, finances and legalities while continuing to develop personal interests and friendships will support and sustain you through times of difficult decision making.

What are the Different Types of Living Facilities Available for Seniors?

Facilities are organized into the following categories:

  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Homes
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Adult Active Communities
  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Assisted Living

What should I Know Before Choosing a Senior Housing Facility?

  • Perform a thorough review of the services, operations and finances of the establishment, including a review of their audited financial statements.
  • Consult an attorney and/or a financial advisor to determine if the establishment is appropriate for your lifestyle and financial situation.
  • Spend as much time as you can visiting the establishment and try to participate fully in its activities.
  • Compare Establishments. Do as much research as possible. Make sure that whatever place you choose, your choice is right for you.
  • Interview residents and staff. Objectively evaluate the services and amenities based on your lifestyle and your condition.
  • Share the details with someone you know and trust. They might be able to be more objective than you and assist in your evaluation.

What Should I Know About Private Insurance Policies?

Some insurance companies offer private insurance policies specifically for long-term nursing home care. These policies vary widely in coverage and cost, and it is important to understand precisely what kind of policy you are purchasing.

Make sure the policy being considered does not duplicate skilled nursing facility coverage provided by any coordinated care plan such as Medicare or Medicaid or other coverage already received. Check for any prerequisites required before the company will pay benefits. For example, ask if the company requires that a patient have prior hospitalization before any benefits are paid out. Some diseases such as arthritis-related problems and Alzheimer's do not require hospitalization before the need for nursing care arises.

If possible, seek an insurance policy that pays benefits immediately upon entry into a nursing care facility. Many insurance policies, which are purchased prior to the need for nursing care, require a waiting period after entry into a nursing care facility before payments are made. It is highly unlikely that nursing care insurance can be purchased after a person has entered a nursing care facility.

Another private insurance policy, Medigap supplemental insurance, is designed to close the gap between medical costs and amounts paid by Medicare. However, both Medicare and Medigap are primarily designed for short term, acute care and, consequently, are unlikely to meet the long-term needs of nursing care residents.

I am both SRES certified and SRS certified. I have many of the resources our senior clients ask for to aid them in making informed decisions. I would be happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you many have regarding your next phase in life. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have. Please consider us another tool in your search for information. 
 I can be reached by calling 512-626-7459 or send us an email today. I look forward to helping you out!